Proudly announcing the release of my debut album! (in patented ‘Dual Mono’ TM)

February 3, 2014

UTB cd sleeve-front-page-0

Shoot me a message and the friendly sales team at UTB headquaters will happily post you one for $15 (or $20 if you live outside of Australia).

39 Responses to “Proudly announcing the release of my debut album! (in patented ‘Dual Mono’ TM)”

  1. ojdavies said

    Yes please, can you tell me how to order/pay?



    • Hey Owen, Paypal is easiest if you have it(?). Just send $$$ to my workaday alter-ego’s Paypal account ( and I’ll pop one in the post asap. Also let me know your postal address if its different from the one linked to your Paypal account). If you don’t have Paypal I’m sure we can figure something out, just email me…

  2. Don feiam said

    Finally!!! That’s brilliant! I’m in!!
    I’ll PayPal the money through tonight. Congrats! My daughter and I have been supporting you at Camby market for ages. Every time I walk up to drop the coins in I look to see if you’ve got a CD for sale. Very happy!!

    • Thanks Don! I’ll pop your CD in the post tomorrow morning – do hope you enjoy it. Planning to head to Camberwell in the next week or two – been a while since my last visit…
      Cheers, UTB

      • Don Feiam said

        Sorry about the late reply. The Album is brilliant!! I’ve just dropped my daughter and her friends into the city to catch you and others playing the night away on White Night. Your album blasting away all the way there. I hope you had a great night. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Don – glad you guys are enjoying the CD and hope they managed to find me in the crowds …

  3. Marco said

    Hey! I saw your performance at the WN and i can’t stay without your
    CD, how can I do to order one?!?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Marco, glad you enjoyed WN and dreadful that your CD collection is obviously devoid of any One Man Band music, a situation we must clearly rectify! Paypal is easiest if you have it(?). Just send $$$ to my workaday alter-egoโ€™s Paypal account ( and Iโ€™ll pop one in the post asap. Also let me know your postal address if its different from the one linked to your Paypal account). If you donโ€™t have Paypal Iโ€™m sure we can figure something out, just email meโ€ฆ

  4. Darrell said

    Hey! Do you have it on vinyl or is it just CD? I saw you at the Sydney Road Street Party and was amazed by what you do. I had to keep coming back to watch.

    • Hey Darrell,
      Glad you enjoyed the performance old chap. I’m afraid I only have confounded CD’s at the moment – I may be getting a limited run of vinyl done in the next month or two, probably just 10-15 from this fellow I met who uses perspex and some kind of laser cutter (no idea how they’ll sound though!!)
      Cheers, UTB

  5. Neil said

    Hey. Just seen you at the Vic Market. Awesome! I am keen to get my hands on the new album. I don’t have Paypal though – what if I send cash to your postal address? Thanks

    • Hey Neil – Love cash. Even bartering (one sack o’potatoes or a live chicken?!!). 8 Blanche Court, Nth Coburg 3058 – leave a return address and I’m more than happy to post one…
      Cheers, UTB
      PS Actually, please DONT send a live chicken, I’m having trouble knowing what to do with the ones I have.

  6. duke6amer said

    Saw you at the Children’s Book Festival today, fantastic!!!
    Would love to buy a copy of your CD, can purchase via PayPal if that’s still your preferred purchase method?
    Rgds Wayne

    • Hey Wayne,
      Glad you enjoyed the book festival today. I’ve never actually acted as an an MC before so was feeling decidedly self conscious about public speaking ๐Ÿ™‚
      Anyways, Paypal is still the preferred method of payment. I guess I’ll organise a proper webstore one of these days…. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Cheers, UTB.
      (PS So yep, end AU$15 to my workaday alter-ego –

      • duke6amer said

        Well you were an excellent MC, especially now that you have told us it was your first time. My wife gave you a big smile when she 1st walked in & noticed you seemed quite chuffed to get the acknowledgement.
        Your look & sound is so unique, authentic & so fantastical.
        I would have loved to have been able to talk to you about the
        โ€œGoodtimes Gyratorscopeโ€ as it looked quite the contraption.
        Anyway payment has been sent & we can’t wait to recieve the CD.
        All the best

  7. Park said

    Hi. I saw your performance in Melbourne. I want to buy your CD but I don’t have paypal. When do you perform again?

  8. Alex Henry said

    Love your act, Mr Brown and will be going onto PayPal in the morning, to buy your album. I was wondering if I could hire you for my wedding day in Jan 2015… To help guide the guests between the ceremony and the after-party- only a short 15 min walk in MEL CBD. Would be great if you could cheers Alex

    • Hey Alex! Thanks for getting in touch – I’ll post off a CD when the money comes thru from Paypal (just make sure the Paypal address and your postal address are the same). In terms of January maybe shoot me a quick email ( and let me know what date you had in mind?
      Cheers, Andy

  9. Nathan said

    Saw you at Woodford yesterday
    Man you were such a treat, blown away and really enjoyed your performance. Thankyou ! My wife will buy your cd ( she use PayPal like a boss).
    Thankyou once again ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Shaheen said

    I saw you yesterday in Parramatta, Paul Kelly and you made my night! Any news on if you will be on google music or itunes?

  11. Casey bunting said

    I need a copy of this album please tell me how to get one

  12. Vanessa Fulton said

    Hi there!

    We saw you at the whitlesea show last year and since then my partner loves youtubing your performances! He would absolutely love a cd!
    Could you please send me a copy and advise how much to send through PayPal? Address is up to date ๐Ÿ™‚ defiantly hope we see you perform again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hkb said

    Hi there do you think you could post your CD to Melbourne this week? My Irish parents in law saw you two years ago when they were out visiting. Now they are here again and one of the first things they said was that they regretted not getting your CD last time ; )
    Please let me know about payment arrangements.

    Cheers hkb

  14. Dale Simpson said

    Saw you around the city today, that’s a great gig! I didn’t have the money on me to pick up a CD while I was there, but I would definitely love one.

    Is PayPal still preferable?

  15. Juan Pablo Castiglioni Dupin said

    Hi! Still selling your disc? I’m interested in getting one ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am from Argentina

  16. Andrew said

    Hi there UTB, we loved your show yesterday outside the Arts Centre (had the two boys with me), best thing I’ve seen and heard for ages. We bought your 2nd CD, but is your 1st still available ? And … only 2 CD’s ? I wish you had a few more. If you took requests I’d beg for “Swinging On a Star”.

    • Hey there Andrew! Thanks for the message, I do play ‘Swingin’ On a Star’, probably contains one of my all time favorite lyrics – “If you don’t give a feather or a fig!” (you may grow up to be a pig!). Also apparently the only song Bing Crosby actually wrote himself. I don’t actually sell the first CD anymore, but I will get around to recording another in the next year or so…

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