If you would like to book him for an event or festival, “Uptown” Brown can be contacted at uptownbrown.onemanband@gmail.com

If you wanna be friends on the interwebs – http://www.facebook.com/uptownbrownOMB

And should you wish to discuss anything in person he’s always happy to chat – 0407 451 971

26 Responses to “Contact.”

  1. Olly Squire said

    Uptown, dear fellow, devastated to hear of your sharp and unintended encounter with the old tarmacadam. Sets me wonderin’ if this obsession of yours to develope pedalling version of the gyratoscope should be reconsidered. Trust body and machine soon repaired and we soon see you back in your usual spot at Camberwell Market.

    • Thankyou for your concern Olly but my dream will not be compromised by the limitations of my mortal body! For though today my shoulder is crushed and somewhat akimbo my spirit still soars and I intend to return to my work with renewed vigour as soon as possible. I passionately believe the flying OMB to be a logical development and one which will benefit all humanity in unforeseen and mysterious ways.

  2. Merlynston this morning was my introduction to the Uptown Brown Experience. Great talent matched to an utterly brilliant concept. Loved every minute. Thanks

  3. Hey Uptown Brown!
    Saw you today in Bourke Street Mall and would have loved to come say hi as you had a break but I was running a photography course so couldn’t …also saw you White Night last year and at Woodford Folk Festival just gone..you bring a smile to my face…so thanks

    • Hey Penny,
      Thanks for the message – glad you get some amusement out of what I do! Both Woodford and White Night have been some of my favorite gigs so far (I’m actually playing at the upcoming WN – its on 22/2). Do come say hi next time if you have a chance!
      All the best, UTB

  4. Kerrie Dobrzynski said

    Hi saw you at the Whittlesea show . Tremendous .Tremendous. Tremendous

  5. Hi Uptown Brown! I saw you at Hyde Park Sydney Fest opening/whatever-it-was night a few months ago and had the pleasure of working at the Parramatta Festival on the same street you were playing. I watched you the other day on Bourke St and bought a CD. Thank you so much for the awesome music. I played it in me car on full blast, singing along to all the oldies. Your music has brightened my days! You would feel right at home at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you should come along one day!!

  6. Christine S said

    Hi Mr Uptown Brown, I had the pleasure of seeing you in action in Melbourne today. I would tell you that I was the lady standing there transfixed, smiling like a goon, but that probably happens to you all the time. You made my day. I have seen a lot of buskers all over the world and I have to say, you are the best I have seen. I love you!

  7. Jonathan Warrington said

    Good morning Uptown Brown, I saw you at the Nambour Garden show on the weekend. I just thought I would comment on your unique act and amazing talent. Really enjoyed your music, you are very talented.

  8. Christa said

    Hello Uptown! I saw you today in Coburg and I now felt compelled to search you up, because your performance today was outstanding! I could honestly sit there all day listening to your music, and I am sure going to get myself a copy of your album!
    (I was the girl with the half-purple hair, taking pictures, though there were a lot of people doing that..)
    Just wanted to let you know that you brought a smile to my face and I deemed you the coolest guy ever on my social media!

    • Thanks Christa – I’m a local and I really love that mall! There were plans to bulldoze it and redevelop a few years back but thank god it all fell through. Played there twice this week as part of the ‘Coburg Carnivale!’, enjoyed the spring sunshine and the vibe…

  9. Alan Cameron said

    Howdy I saw you up at the Echuca winter blues festival back in July of this year . I went up for a another reason which did not work out but your performance made it a weekend to remember . I purchased one of your CD’s which has been in my CD stacker in my car ever since lol . But I wish to buy another 2 copy’s of your debut CD please advise how I might go about this .

  10. Hi Uptown Brown, I saw you at the Kyneton Show this year. I am from Granite Hills winery about one hour north of Melbourne. Every November, we participate in the region’s Wine and Food Festival. The Festival runs on both Saturday and Sunday. We always provide music at the winery for the Festival. I was wondering whether you could drop me an email advising as to your fees. Cheers Andrea Knight

  11. Rob Turpin said

    Hi Uptown, saw you busking in Melbourne on Saturday, you were sensational. I probably watched you for 3/4 an hour and you didn’t look like slowing down. Very fit musician i’d say.How many CD’s have you bought out and what’s the easiest way to buy them.
    cheers Rob.

    • Hey Rob,
      I attribute my vigour and good health to the quinine found in Gin and Tonics! I have made two albums, at this stage the easiest way to get them (other than directly on the street) is to paypal funds to mr.andywilliamson@gmail.com. $15 for one CD, $25 for both. Paypal provides your address, insurance etc so its a pretty tidy way of doing it. Cheers, UTB

  12. Kathleen Gregory said

    Hey Uptown Brown! Saw you performing in Melbourne last year and finally found ya on the Internet! Just wondering how I’d go about getting a CD from you? I have shown some friends your stuff and they’re interested in a cd as well! Thanks for makin awesome music!

  13. Sylvi said

    My husband Grandson & I was in Melbourne visiting our Son Wife & family , we had been told about you , they took us to the market , & there you was , such Fabulous talent I so enjoyed seeing & listening to you , Good Luck you are Awesome , hope we get to see you on our next visit 😘😘

  14. Kirsten said

    I would love to buy a album please!
    Absolutely loved you a floriade Canberra today!!!

  15. Peter said

    Hey UB, thank you so much for playing Sydney Rd Brunswick today.

    I just adore your joyous, Dada street theatre. You are a national treasure.

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