December 26, 2015

FRONTCOVER-proofEXCITED to announce a BRAND NEW RECORD! Entitled ‘The Sheik of Araby’ it chronicles my most recent adventures in exotic lands and features 16 old timey tracks – guaranteed* to have you yodelling along whilst beating a rusty biscuit tin with a wooden spoon.  Simply Paypal $15 to and I shall post one out with the prompt efficiency for which musicians are famous.
(*not actually properly legally guaranteed).


UTB cd sleeve-front-page-0

Shoot me a message and the friendly sales team at UTB headquaters will happily post you one for $15 (or $20 if you live outside of Australia).

A passer-by kindly shot this clip of me and posted it. White Night was a splendid event – here’s hoping for many more to come…

Natasha Muller Interviews ‘Uptown’ Brown!

The charming Natasha Muller interviews ‘Uptown’ about his life, musical influences and the importance of cocktails.  An insight into the man and his contraption…

‘Uptown’ Brown! at the Famous Spiegeltent.

Yours truly will be performing as part of the Gala opening of the Famous Spiegeltent on Feb 5th,6th and 9th. Come down and take in a show – there’s always interestin’ stuff on the bill!  Oh, and apparently a “spiegel” is a mirror, not a breed of dog (whch would have made for a totally different doggy type of affair).

‘Uptown’ in action!

January 15, 2013

'Uptown' in action!

Camberwell market, January 2013….

“Uptown” Brown’s cinematic debut playing San Francisco Bay Blues, a tribute to legendary one-man-bandsman Jesse Fuller. With special guest starlet, Miss Whimsy Du Pont.