December 26, 2015

FRONTCOVER-proofEXCITED to announce a BRAND NEW RECORD! Entitled ‘The Sheik of Araby’ it chronicles my most recent adventures in exotic lands and features 16 old timey tracks – guaranteed* to have you yodelling along whilst beating a rusty biscuit tin with a wooden spoon.  Simply Paypal $15 to and I shall post one out with the prompt efficiency for which musicians are famous.
(*not actually properly legally guaranteed).

UTB cd sleeve-front-page-0

Shoot me a message and the friendly sales team at UTB headquaters will happily post you one for $15 (or $20 if you live outside of Australia).

A passer-by kindly shot this clip of me and posted it. White Night was a splendid event – here’s hoping for many more to come…

‘Uptown’ in action!

January 15, 2013

'Uptown' in action!

Camberwell market, January 2013….

“Uptown” Brown’s cinematic debut playing San Francisco Bay Blues, a tribute to legendary one-man-bandsman Jesse Fuller. With special guest starlet, Miss Whimsy Du Pont.