Freshly returned from a critically acclaimed world tour which took in such salubrious locations as Paris, Berlin and Marakesh, “Uptown” Brown has found himself bankrupt, stranded (and more than a little hungover) in a far flung colonial outpost (Australia).   Brown is a man who has worn many hats in his colourful life – inventor, musician, aviator and adventurer to name but a few.  However, without a doubt his crowning glory is the patented “Goodtimes Gyratorscope”, a musical machine which permits an athletic fellow to play multiple instruments at once.   Using leftover parts from a disused biplane (which he himself had crashed) Brown built a number of ill-fated (and occasionally lethal) prototypes before arriving at the current design.

Favouring a repertoire drawn largely from the 1920-50’s Uptown Brown is now available for both public and private bookings, christenings/funerals, ‘exotic’ dances, weddings (both regular and ‘shotgun’), medical procedures and any other occasion that may require the services of a singing gentleman-adventurer.

76 Responses to “Biography.”

  1. Dear Mr Brown from Uptown,
    The images and Bio are great . It has only added more thought to my mind of creation.
    There’s the ‘What has not been said” mystery of you that intrigues me,and has me not wanting to know more but to hopefully have the chance to make you apart of an event that belongs partly to the persona, the character beneath the veil of what is named “Uptown” Brown!
    Thank-you so much for forwarding the info on to me.
    I so enjoyed it : )

    Regards Most kind
    Eleanor Marguerite .

  2. Rhoda said

    bloody brilliant!! XX

  3. Michael Roy C. Capilitan said

    You’re awesome! Keep up the good work! 😀

  4. hilton Way said

    Watched you on the Weekend, highlight of my trip to Melbourne

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Hilton!
    ‘The .Highlight of Melbourne’

    Uptown Brown is quite the ‘gentleman entertainer’ of olde,.
    With such appeal , he has you wondering ???
    Quite the mystery man.
    Worth every note you place in his Bogart hat.
    Of course he and Mr Melbourne are well acquainted with each other. ha ha : )

  6. Nay said

    So… you’d be happy to play at a ‘non-traditional’ wedding would you..? Would love to have you play when the time is right for my girlfriend and I!!

  7. Julien harrisonrogers said

    Hey a mr u.brown. I saw you in Camberwell Sunday. Wonderful – simply wonderful. Cheers. JulienHR

  8. azhou said

    Saw you on the 30th of nov in Melbourne, was standing near the man laughing and loving your carhorn sounds. Just wanted to say thank you, was having a shit day and you managed to make me laugh and forget about it for a while.

  9. geoff said

    Saw you at the Coburg night market a few weeks ago. Loved your performance. Our 2 year old is still talking about you. Where can we see you again?

  10. Uptown, you were the highlight of Enlightened Canberra – awesome. Play on.

  11. Tamara said

    Saw you at Yarram yesterday (Saturday) at the Tarra Easter Festival. Very impressed. I was the lady walking around you and filming early in the day. Thank you for your performance of “Lipstick on my collar”.

  12. Jacqui Geary said

    Hello Up Town Brown,
    I saw you about a month ago at the “What’s Cooking in the Garden’s” Festival on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Qld.
    Your music was great & I enjoyed hearing your repertoire several times during the day.

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Redcliffe & thanks for your unique music skills !!!

  13. Dan Stevenson said

    Night Fest…. Floriade Canberra – Thursday, 24th September.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your performances….. The young and aged alike seemed spellbound by the music, the moves and the vibe!!

    My 11 year old children felt you were the highlight of their Floriade Night Fest experience. I have to agree with them.

  14. Eleanor Marguerite Originals said

    Glad to read your still strutting your stuff.
    Regards kindly
    Eleanor Marguerite

  15. Brad said

    gday mate, you made my birthday with ya performance at the signature bar. still listening to ya cd mate. thanks for singing happy birthday, keep up the good work
    cheers brad

  16. Alan said

    Hello . I saw you up at Echuca for the first earlier on this year . I loved your performance and I purchased on of your CD’s . I love playing this in the car . My ma has heard your work and would like to purchase one of your CD’s . Please advise how to do this . Regards Alan .

  17. Ben said

    I love the music you do I think it is very creative keep it up.😄😄😄😄😄

  18. Duane said

    Just seen you in Ballarat, great fun, well done!

  19. Andrew said

    Watched you in awe and pure entertainment at the Blues on Broadbeach festival today. You were undoubtedly the best entertainment there. Thank you so much.

  20. Natalie Antoine said

    You were simply divine yesterday at Blues on Broadbeach. I was spellbound and enchanted by your performance. As a performer myself, I was most suitably impressed!! Thanks for being an absolute highlight of the weekend thus far!

  21. Miss E. Williams said

    You were the highlight of Blues on Broadbeach. You were just amazing! Fantastic musician, great voice, unique performance and oh so handsome!… Are you spoken for???…. I think we could be really happy together.

  22. Hi there, saw you today outside of Hamer Hall in Melbourne & I swear it was so much fun watching. (Although I don’t condone swearing youngsters)
    Happy to throw a bit in your hat.

  23. Emma said

    I watched you last night at the night market and you were just amazing!! I had only wished you had a little tip jar to give you some coins!!
    Absolutely amazing!!!! Made me smile for the rest of the evening!

  24. Chunny said

    Just saw you briefly at the Moomba Festival today. Made my day. Pure entertainment.

  25. Chunny said

    Oh! on my way home I saw what I thought was my favorite car (Triumph Herald) driving out of a car park. As I stood there drooling, the car went by, i’m sure I saw Peugeot on the back of it?. Then my better half said Oh! look it’s Uptown Brown. Was it you? and was it a Peugeot?

  26. Annie said

    To Mr Brown from Mrs Jones
    We were wowed by your musical antics last year at the Blues on Broadbeach festival. Our 10yr old son was most impressed (as were we). When are you heading up to the sunny state again? Haven’t seen your name on the bill for this year’s BOB…

  27. Annie said

    Thanks for the reply. Let’s keep fingers crossed then! 😊

  28. Lynne said

    Hi Uptown! What a charming and dapper performance. Alas I had to be on my way on Sunday morning. When can I see you next? Mystery Blonde who has you on my phone

    • Hey Lynne! Always around and about 🙂
      As far as street shows are concerned I am somewhat at the mercy of both the weather and where I can get a spot on the day (thus making it a little hard to be specific). Playing at Blues on Broadbeach next month if you find yourself on the Gold Coast!

  29. James said

    AHA watch your show at Docklands at Winter Solstice event it is beautiful!!! GOOD WORK! 🙂

  30. Rashmi said

    Saw you at the corner of arts precinct this morning! What a lovely start to the day, you’re incredible 🙂

  31. Ian Mc said

    Hey there Mr Brown.
    I’ve watched you swealter in the sun and dust of Woodford on several occassions and just wanted to say thankyou. Your splendid performances are remembered along with some of the more well known and conventional artists that appear and a highlight of each year we attend. Keep up the good work!

  32. Diane said

    Mr Brown
    Had the privilege of seeing you perform at Woodford this year. Despite the heat you were too cool for sandles. Love the retro sound particularly the percussion and your microphone. Hope to catch you perform again

  33. Julie said

    Hello mr Brown
    I had the absolute pleasure of seeing you perform during this years Melbourne food and wine festival and have not been able to get your performance out of my head, which I have replayed to many family and friends. Brilliant, captivating, entertaining and just outstanding! I hope one day in the future to have you at a function of our own or to just see you perform once more, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful what you do is.

  34. Fay Toulson said

    Hello Mr Brown, saw you today at Whittlesea Show, Wow, amazing, how fit you are, each performance must be an epic work out!! I can see you do private functions, this would be a small scale 60th birthday. Just wondering your Fee, look forward to hearing from you.

  35. Trex Artemis said

    Thanks for coming to Newport today Mr Brown. One question, how do you sleep without waking yourself up? do you wear earplugs?

  36. Jordan said

    Hey mate we’ve just returned from our first trip to Melbourne (from Perth) & we happened to stumble on you on the bridge near Fed Square… I wish we could have watched longer because you were by far the best ‘busker’ we saw the entire trip (and there’s plenty in Melbourne as you know).. WAY more interesting than the state library (which my wife was dragging me to, hence why we couldn’t watch longer!) 😀 .. keep pluckin those strings!

  37. glendahamilton0905 said

    Uptown Brown is in Acland St right now, making everyone smile as he tootles along.

  38. Patrick Lawrence said

    Hello Mr Brown. I just wanted to say that I Saw you at Port Fairy (with my wife and 5 kids) and you were a festival highlight as far as we were concerned. Rachael and I are both professional musos (not sure why I’m pointing that out) and we dug your whole thing. I haven’t got any medical procedures planned, but if I need a one man band I know where I’ll be heading.

    Good luck with the ongoing adventures.


  39. Ben said

    Hey Mr Uptown Brown,

    My wife, two-year-old son and I were lucky to have caught a few of your tunes at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter. We were sitting down waiting for a choir to prepare their set when you wandered over with your amazing set up. You played right in front of us and we all thoroughly loved the performance!
    We were hoping to find you again that day but to no avail.. Maybe next time!


  40. Alexandra Surin said

    Wow! My friend and I went into Melbourne city last week and we were enthralled! Really impressive musical stuff my dude, especially when you whipped out the clarinet. Must’ve taken such a long time to practice and learn everything

  41. cubeover said

    Threw me back into romantic nostalgia of times where people belived more in science and romance than money…
    Gratitudes, gent!

  42. Peter Lynch said

    Hi Uptown , Have seen you outside Arts Centre and at Port Fairy Folk Festival in March 2020. I was one of the ones who sang “Lipstock on your Collar “ with you !
    You are a wonderful and joyful performer . 👏🕺🏼😘Since March it must have been almost impossible for you to do outside crowd functions . I hope all is well with you . Hope you will be back again with us in 2021. We were discussing requesting you for a function this month but it would still be too many people . Hopefully in 2021! Best wishes from so many of us 👏😘

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